Datta Hanuman ki Jai!

Drilling & Pouring concrete Piers for foundations
  • Drilling and Pouring concrete for Foundation Piers is complete.
  • Click this link to view more pictures of Temple construction and progress.
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is in progress.  After multiple iterations and follow ups with the builders and core committee, the GMP has been finalized.  GMP will be signed next week.
  • Granite Stone shipping for inner shrines (garbha alayas): Logistics team has identified a shipper to ship 10 to 12 containers of granite stone required for building inner shrines (see pictures in previous blog posts).
  • We are still researching granite stone quotes for flooring. Multiple vendors have been contacted and  requested to submit quotes.
    Kindly contact the Temple if you have any contacts in this area.
  • US Visas for first batch of Indianization crew (Shilpis / specialized sculptors) have been granted. They are expected to be here by end of March.  Work will start on Temple Premises.
  • Design and planning for security set up for new Temple is in progress.

Karya Siddhi Hanuman ki Jai!