Datta Hanuman ki Jai!

Excellent construction progress during September. Here are some high lights.

1. Majority of the concrete work is done. All concrete wall Panels (except two on east side) have been installed.

2. Interior Concrete columns  joining the panels have been poured.

3.  Gurbha Gudi update.

  • Scaffolding have been erected.
  • Structural Steel fabrication laid out.
  • Concrete have been poured.
  • Scaffolding removed.
  • Three Steel steeples (gopuram support) construction in progress (look for it in the pictures).

4.  Roof decking metal has been installed.

5. Wielding work and Inspections are in progress.

6. Progress is being measured regularly by meeting with AUI every Tuesday.

7. Another contractor has been selected to do the inner shrines work . Work is expected to start next month.

Please make sure to check out all pictures which captured temple construction progress during September.


 Karya Siddhi Hanuman ki Jai!