Sri Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations

Sri Hanuman Jayanti Main Sponsorship

Includes Sri Hanuman Suvarchala Kalyana Pradhana Sponsor,
Hanuman Chalisa Homa & Sri Marakata Hanuman Abhishekas

  • Apr 8-10: All Hanuman pujas performed in sponsors' name
  • Apr 8 & 10: May offer Kalasha to Markata Hanuman (during Abhisheka at 10am)
  • Apr 8: May perform Hanuman Chalisa Homa in slot of choice
  • Apr 9: Includes Kalyana Pradhana Sponsor and may
  • May offer "Koti Surya" Arati to Sri Hanuman Utsava murti (Apr 9 after Kalyana & Apr 10 after Sindhura Puja )
  • Join in the 3 day Hanuman Utsava Procession
  • Receive special sari adorned by Durga Ma
  • Receive 2 silver lockets engraved with Hanuman yantra
  • Receive prasadas for all Pujas
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Sri Hanuman Suvarchala Kalyana

It is the first time we are performing this auspicious Kalyana at KSHT. See additional text below

The details of this celestial Kalyana are found in the manuscript written by Parasara Maharishi in his book Parasra Samhita. Sri Parasara Maharishi had written the life history of Lord Hanuman from his birth and goes on to depict his life even after the Ramayana.

According to Parasara Maharishi, Hanuman had worshipped Sri Surya Deva (the Sun god) as Guru and studied the Vedas and mastered the Nine Vyakarnas. Being an Aajanma Brahmachari, Lord Hanuman was not eligible to study the Nava Vyakarnas(nine grammars) for which the status of being a Gruhasthu was essential. In order to facilitate the completion of his education, the Trimurthis approached Surya Deva and created a beautiful Kanya, Suvarchala Devi, an Aajanma Brahmacharini, from the Sun’s Kiranas(rays) and arranged a marriage with Hanumanji to make him a Gruhasthu without Brahmacharya being affected. Thus Sri Hanuman was able to learn and became a genius in the Nine Vyakarnas.

There is also a sloka called `Hanuman Mangalashtakam’ depicts the Lord thusly

Suvarchalaa kalathraaya chaturbhuja dharaaya cha
Ushtraa roodhaya veeraya mangalam Sri Hanumathe.

Meaning:“Salutations to Sri Hanuman, having four arms, accompanied by His consort Suvarchala Devi, seated on a camel and exhibiting extraordinary valor.”